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How can a gamer escape sleep deprivation?

Here are a few ways through which a gamer can escape sleep deprivation that can lead to other serious diseases.

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For a long time, the ill effects of video games have been discussed. A few of these are true, and studies have validated them; however, the other facts are nothing but myths. Game addiction leads to sleep deprivation. It is a fact. Plenty of studies have proven it. Leaving the gaming arena altogether is not a solution, especially for professional gamers. Thankfully, gamers who are suffering from sleep deprivation but do not want to let go of their playing can fix this problem.

Here are a few ways through which a gamer can escape sleep deprivation that can lead to other serious diseases.

Use a blue light filter on the monitor

The screens of all the devices emit blue light. However, the blue rays emitted by a gaming monitor where you play games like GCash are comparably more. The blue light affects the melatonin production of the body, disrupting the gamer’s sleep/wake cycle. Additionally, blue light causes eye strain and disrupts the circadian rhythm.

You can avoid the blue lights of the gaming monitor by using a good blue light on it. Another option is to wear light-blocking glasses specially designed for people who use the screen for an extended period.

Remove the devices from the bedroom

When you hit your bedroom, ensure that you do not have any devices on it. Using the screens stimulates the brain to keep functioning, which negatively impacts the sleep cycle. When you remove the devices from the bedroom, you cut the stimulants. As a result, it becomes easier to fall asleep in a distraction-free environment.

A reliable sleeping schedule

Having a sleeping schedule that you can rely on is a must. However, setting a sleeping cycle can be tricky for gamers. It is because most gamers engage with other gamers across the globe while playing Mobile Legends and other multiplayer games. Time zones play a key role in gaming timing. A sleeping schedule that changes every day can have dangerous impacts.

Therefore, gamers must consider the timing that works best for them to sleep. Once you have figured it out, stick to that cycle and make it reliable. Try your best not to disrupt the sleeping schedule.

Exercise daily

Irrespective of the fact whether one is a gamer or not, exercise is a must for everyone. The obvious benefit of physical exercise is that it keeps you fit. Additionally, it also helps you to fall asleep better. Many studies have proven that moderate exercise can help one to get deep sleep. Also, it is essential to balance virtual and actual physical games, which can be played as part of the exercise routine.

Avoid energy drinks/caffeine

Most of the games require a high level of adrenaline. Therefore, it is common for gamers to drink energy drinks and caffeine to keep themselves pumped up. However, these drinks can affect sleep quality and disrupt the sleeping cycle.

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Every once in a while, a gamer can drink energy drinks or consume caffeine. However, making it a daily habit needs to be avoided.

Stop playing an hour before you sleep

In the above point, we asked the gamers to have a sleeping schedule. When the schedule is ready, a gamer will have a rough idea about when he/she will hit the bed. Before bedtime, stop playing at least an hour before. It is vital to give your body some time to unwind and relax.

If you stop playing right before bedtime, you will have difficulty sleeping. Try to engage in activities like reading or just simply sitting that do not involve any screen before you sleep.

Have a bedtime routine

We recommend you have a relaxing bedtime routine to help you relax. The bedtime routine also works towards sleep hygiene. You can begin by setting the ideal room temperature and a clean bedtime. After setting the environment, you can engage in a bedtime routine that includes taking a shower, brushing your teeth, journaling, meditating, and reading.

It is only when a gamer enjoys a good night’s sleep it becomes possible to give high performance constantly. By following these tips, a gamer can fight sleep deprivation. However, if one is still facing a hard time getting a good amount or quality of sleep, professional help should be sought.

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