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Snow: ‘Don’t forget yourself; stay beautiful’

Meet Snow, here as part of #KaraniwangLGBT, which Outrage Magazine launched to offer vignettes of LGBT people/living. “I stay beautiful because I believe we shouldn’t forget ourselves. Remember to stay beautiful for yourself,” Snow says.

This is part of #KaraniwangLGBT, which Outrage Magazine officially launched on July 26, 2015 to offer vignettes of LGBT people/living, particularly in the Philippines, to give so-called “everyday people” – in this case, the common LGBT people – that chance to share their stories.
As Outrage Magazine editor Michael David C. Tan says: “All our stories are valid – not just the stories of the ‘big shots’. And it’s high time we start telling all our stories.”

Snow used to work as a helper of a fashion designer, but when that didn’t work out, she ended up as a vendor/salesgirl of a barbecue station in Cebu City, working every night for a month now.

It’s not like she has a choice, she said, since she supports her siblings (there are four of them).

Lisod pud pero kinahanglan man (It’s also hard but it’s needed),” she said.

She brings home P150 per day; but since approximately P50 is spent for transportation, only P100 goes to her family.

“Okay na pud to kaysa wala (That’s still better than nothing),” Snow said.

If there’s a secret she can share, it’s for people to know the value of self-worth.

Guwapa gihapon ko kay dili jud pasagdan ang atong kaugalingon. Kinahanglan hinumduman magpa-guwapa para sa imoha jud (I stay beautiful because I believe we shouldn’t forget ourselves. Remember to stay beautiful for yourself).”

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