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The Real Queen City of the Real South

The real south of the Philippines is Mindanao and its queen city is Davao. Kiki Tan checks what the place has to offer.



Discovering Davao City

“He likes you,” Arvin Y. whispered, pointing with his lips to a guy not far from us.

“No, he doesn’t,” I whisper back, eyeing the guy who was, indeed, looking. “He’s just curious or something.”

And then the guy smiled, seeing me looking at him.

“He does like you; he does!” Arvin Y. said again, this time no longer whispering, as he added: “Go talk to him or something!”

I did – and without beating around the bush, the day (and the night, actually) ended with the guy (“Clint’s the name,” he said, “and anything’s the game”) hanging with us. A definite plus for Arvin who, because I wouldn’t, ended up sleeping with him, “enjoying for real the Davaoeño’s brand of hospitality,” Arvin Y. said.

This, normally, wouldn’t merit special attention, but we were at this small Internet café right beside Dunkin Donuts, not too far from the entrance of Gaisano Center along Jacinto Street in Davao City – a relatively busy heterosexual place; and Clint wasn’t a boy for-hire, too, but a “straight-acting, straight-looking gay guy just looking for (others with the same persuasion) to hang out with,” he said.

And while Arvin Y., in his 30s, said Clint is a rarity, Clint, in his early 20s, said he isn’t. “There’s many of us, actually. ‘Out’ out there, looking for fun,” he said.

“Then I may have been hiding all these times,” Arvin Y. said, “and I missed out the changing of Davao City.”

“Perhaps you were,” Clint said. “Perhaps you were…”

And indeed, perhaps we – not just Arvin Y. – missed out on the changing of Davao City, which has developed to be the rightful Queen City of the Real South of the Philippines (not Cebu City, which is in Central Philippines, even if it is south of Metro Manila, thus the moniker that is in every way representative of how imperialist Metro Manila is).



Occupying 2,444 square kilometers of land, the city of Davao on the Mindanao group of islands in southern Philippines is the largest city in the country (and once, of the whole world). Ranked by Asiaweek Magazine among the 20 Most Livable Cities in Asia, it is one of only three recognized Metro areas in the Philippines, the others being Metro Manila and Metro Cebu, which Metro Davao outranked as the number one most livable city in the country. Also ranked as the 10th Asian City of the Future by the Foreign Direct Investment Magazine, Metro Davao is composed of the cities Davao, Tagum, Panabo, Island Garden City of Samal, and Digos, and the municipalities of Carmen and Sta. Cruz.

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The bigger question is why go to Davao City, if at all.

Well, for one, there are its attractions. Davao is home to “kings and queens of nature,” e.g. Waling-Waling, the Queen of Philippine Orchids; Philippine Eagle, King of Philippine Skies; Durian, King of Exotic Fruits; and Mt. Apo, King of Philippine Mountains. “Try being here in February, when we annually celebrate our foundation day; or in August, when we celebrate the annual Kadayawan Festival, the big fiesta to celebrate while giving thanks to God for the bounties that the province continues to get,” Arvin Y. said.

Among the major attractions include (to cover the kings and queens), Mt. Apo, which, at 10,311 feet is the tallest mountain in the Philippines, ideal for mountaineers or simply naturalist adventurers; the Philippine Eagle Natural Center, home to almost 20 Philippine Eagles, and where they are bred in captivity to grow their number (there are buses from Aldevinco Mall to take visitors to the center); and various orchid and fruit plantations, e.g. Waling-Waling Orchid (Vanda Sanderiana), Yuhico Orchid Gardens in Greenhils, Derling Worldwide Orchid Corporations in Dumoy, Malagos Gardens Resort in Calinan, and the Puentespina Orchid Gardens along Cabaguio Avenue.

Then there are the San Pedro Cathedral, whose structure was laid in 1847, making it one of the oldest churches in Mindanao, honoring St. Peter, the city’s patron saint; and Dabaw Museum, located inside the Davao Insular Village, showcasing the province’s heritage.

Secondly, as an emerging business hub, Davao should be in every businessman’s must-visit lists in the Philippines – it sure has been for the likes of the Ayalas and Gokongweis (among Metro Manila’s biggest business families), not to mention that the Sys (of SM) already made a home there. In fact, particularly for ICT businesses, a recently concluded XMG Global Offshoring Leadership Study reveals that Davao will be a viable alternative ICT site three years from now, considering that competition in Cebu City is nearing saturation as the talent ramp-up continues. Among others, the study highlights the population of Davao City as considerably higher than other Tier-2 offshoring cities globally. In the Philippine context, Davao City’s population is 71% higher than Cebu City, 499% larger than Olongapo-Subic City, 333% higher than Angeles-Clark City, and 340% larger than Baguio City. The city’s estimated workforce is twice of Cebu, nine times of Subic, seven times of Clark, and six times of Baguio. This has not even taken to account the manpower pool at the nearby cities and provinces of Davao. Also according to the study, Davao has various educational institutions annually yielding a higher number of IT and BPO qualified graduates than Subic, Clark and Baguio by 689%, 278% and 40%, respectively.

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Thirdly, there are the traditional attractions, e.g Samal Island in Davao del Norte, which has white sanded beaches as beauteous (well, so-so) as Bohol’s, or at least of Puerto Galera in Mindoro Oriental, less the number of people flocking there; and Talomo Beach, which has sunken World war II warships, just 200 meters from the shore.

And then, of course, there are the boys.


There was a time when cruising in Davao was largely AYOR (at your own risk), with open secret cruising areas including Victoria Plaza Mall (J.P. Laurel, Bajada), Gaisano Mall of Davao (J.P. Laurel Avenue), Gaisano South City Mall (Illustre St.), the Boulevard Strip, Ilustre Avenue, and the Lawaan Theater. Cruising-wise, though, the other malls may actually be included – e.g. Aldevinco Shopping Center, Chimes Mall, City Triangle, DAMOSA Market Basket, Davao Central Warehouse Club, Felcris Department Stores, NCCC Mall of Davao (McArthur Highway corner MA-A), NCCC Mall (Main), and SM City Davao (Quimpo Boulevard). “As is typical in the Philippines, you can basically pick up any man anywhere,” Arvin Y. said, commented by Clint with: “The difference is, here, you pick up men who wouldn’t expect to be paid – they’re the same as you, looking to have fun.”

Of course both admit that “care should be taken.” “This isn’t a city that’s one big buffet of men, after all,” Arvin Y. said. “Just that progress as far as gay (or bisexual, as straight-acting, straight-looking gay Davaoeño’s self-identify) expression is concerned.” Generally speaking, similar to other places all over the Philippines, male Davaoeños can be “persuaded” to have same-sex sexual relations, though this often involves payment of some kind (by the out homosexual to the self-identified heterosexual), so care really is needed, especially for those not into this scene.

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Fortunately, there already are gay-specific venues, e.g. Tahun Bar and Jefz Café, though, generally, “most every place is just gay friendly,” e.g. Philosophy Spa (near Apo View Hotel), Bahia Spa, Holiday Gym and Spa (both in Torres), and Firm Spa, where the expression of gay identity is more akin to Western expressions, i.e. gay to gay (or, locally, bi to bi, even if the use of term is questionable), so that no monetary exchanges are needed.

Arvin Y. promised to catch up with Clint a few days later – I’d already be back in Makati City in Metro Manila then, so I would be out of the picture. But “do come back,” he said, “having seen how Davao has blossomed into the city it is now.”

And perhaps I will – in this city that’s the real queen of the south.

Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and Air Philippines flights are available daily from Metro Manila, with the approximate flying time of one hour and 35 minutes; though there are also flights from Cebu City, Cagayan de oro City, and Zamboanga City, taking approximately 55 minutes.

There are also international flights from Hong Kong and Palau, among others.
Davao City is, however, accessible through the Pan Philippine Highway from Metro Manila; as well as by ship/ferry, with major passenger ships docking in the city to and from other ports around the country.

"If someone asked you about me, about what I do for a living, it's to 'weave words'," says Kiki Tan, who has been a writer "for as long as I care to remember." With this, this one writes about... anything and everything.


Gay, lesbian, bi people more likely to perpetrate or become victims of ‘revenge porn’

The rainbow community is tarnished, with gay, lesbian and bisexual respondents more than twice as likely to admit to taking and threatening to distribute sexual images of another person without their consent. They were also 2.5 times more likely to actually distribute them.



Gay, lesbian and bisexual people are more likely to perpetrate or become victims of “revenge porn” and other forms of abuse involving sexual photos or videos.

This is according to a study done by researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, and first reported by Perth Now.

The researchers polled more than 4,200 people aged 16 to 49, asking them if they’d secretly taken photos or videos of someone, distributed the images, or threatened to do so. Eleven percent (11%) admitted to engaging in some form of image-based sexual abuse over their lifetime.

Behaviors included here are: receiving a consensually-shared nude or sexual selfie and sending it onto others without the subject’s consent; covertly filming or photographing someone without their knowledge; and threatening to share or sharing explicit images of another person — including past sexual partners — in an attempt to embarrass or humiliate others.

Another 9% of the respondents said that they had taken nude or sexual photos or videos of someone without their consent, and 6% admitted to distributing such images. This includes instances where people covertly filmed up women’s skirts or down their blouses.

Interestingly, self-identified victims of these abuses were also more likely to be abusers. And these abusers were also more likely to share images of people they knew, including partners, ex-partners, friends and even relatives, rather than images of strangers.

Men were twice as likely as women to admit to perpetrating revenge porn.

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The rainbow community is tarnished, with gay, lesbian and bisexual respondents more than twice as likely to admit to taking and threatening to distribute sexual images of another person without their consent. They were also 2.5 times more likely to actually distribute them.

Additionally, gay and bisexual men were more likely to engage in such behavior than lesbian or bisexual women.

Governments all over the world are actually already developing/implementing laws pertaining “revenge porn:, even if the success of cases still largely depend on the willingness of victims to go after the perpetrators.

In the Philippines, for instance, there is an existing Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009 (Republic Act 9995) that eyes to prevent the publication, copying and distribution of similar materials that would damage the honor of a person on media platforms.

However, violations to this law continue to increase. Data from the National Bureau of Investigation’s (NBI) Cybercrime division show that in the first three months of 2019 alone, there were already 142 reported cases of violations of RA 9995, a figure surpassing the total 94 cases filed in all of 2018.

For its part, the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNP-ACG) recorded 106 cases in the first two months of the year: 49 in January and 57 in February.

Members of the local LGBTQIA community also make the news for this, including – and more recently – the Vic Fabe scandal.

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Top 10 US cities LGBT travelers are booking for Pride this year

With 2019 marking the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Inn riots, what are the best places in the US to go to for Pride?



Heading to the US to experience (the largely commercial) Pride?

There are over 150 cities in the US that celebrate Pride, with events that can be political or… plainly commercial/for partying. This ought not be a surprise, considering that the country is now largely credited for starting the modern LGBTQIA movement, thanks to the 1969 Stonewall Inn riots in Manhattan, New York, where members of the community stood up against police forces to fight for their rights.

And with 2019 marking the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Inn riots, what are the best places in the US to go to for Pride?

Travel booking site Orbitz did an online survey to determine where LGBTQIA travelers were booking this year for Pride. And here are the top 10 cities LGBTQIA travelers are looking to book this year based on data compiled, along with the dates for each city’s respective Pride events.

  1. Provincetown, Massachusetts, May 31 – June 3
  2. St. Petersburg, Florida, June 21-23
  3. Atlanta, October 11-13
  4. Long Beach, California, May 18-19
  5. New York City, June 1-30
  6. Minneapolis, June 22-23
  7. Columbus, Ohio, June 14-16
  8. Miami, April 1-7
  9. Houston, June 22
  10. San Francisco, June 29-30

Other key findings:

  • 79% of LGBTQIA travelers plan to attend this year’s Pride events with a group
  • 57% of the travelers prefer staying in a hotel during Pride
  • 54% of the travelers are looking at car-sharing to attend a Pride event
  • 80% of the travelers are willing to sacrifice their cell phone and break the “pics or it didn’t happen” rule of Instagram during Pride celebrations in exchange for free parade tickets, meals and hotel accommodations
  • 30% are looking to spend less than $100 on Pride travel and accommodations
  • 67% claim experience is the most important consideration when traveling for Pride
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These 10 foods can make your gut happier

A healthy diet is one of the most effective ways to keep gut health in tiptop condition. The following foods will not only improve your gut health, but the overall functionalities of your body as well.



When it comes to achieving optimal health, most people don’t immediately think of improving their gut health. The gut being the largest intestine in the stomach plays a huge role in the overall functions of your body. Every role in the gut needs to be nourished by the foods you put into your body. Improper digestion can lead to inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, some cancers and even encourage autism to occur.

A healthy diet is one of the most effective ways to keep gut health in tiptop condition. The following foods will not only improve your gut health, but the overall functionalities of your body as well.


Mimosa Pudica has recently been linked to being one of the best natural herbs to combatting parasites. Intestinal parasites are a major concern you should never take lightly, as the damage it can create is terrible. Native to South East Asia, this plant consists of anti-venom properties that can offer effective anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasite, and anti-fungal relief. The water extract of the roots in this plant is what creates the enzymes that fight negative bacteria in the gut. This plant is best consumed in tea form, as it will calm the stomach tremendously well.


The probiotic content of sauerkraut is impeccable to say the least. Consuming this fermented food can help to balance out any bacteria levels in your gut and cleanse out all bad toxins from its lining. Sauerkraut also contains a decent amount of iron and vitamin C which help to contribute to stronger overall immune systems. This food is best eaten fresh not on an empty stomach. Implementing this herb to your daily diet regime will effectively help with any gut problems you may have. Paired with a balance diet, you can replenish your stomach of all negative ailments.

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Kimchi also being a fermented food, can also greatly help promote stronger gut health. Being a probiotic lactic acid bacteria, kimchi can also help to regulate the metabolism and overall bowel movements. To many it is among the superfoods of Asia, as it really does wonders for the body. Along with improved gut health, eating kimchi regularly can also promote anti-aging, improve intestinal flora, and stimulate the immune system.


Garlic is a natural prebiotic that has been shown to help burn off the bad bacteria the body creates when exposed to unhealthy food. The digestive tract becomes more fluid when its given an active prebiotic, which is why it’s always wise to add a good amount of garlic in your dishes. Garlic can also help to better breakdown fats in the body and combat further negative bacteria from building up.

Miso Soup

Miso soup, a staple in almost every Japanese restaurant is actually served for good reason. Packed with almost all essential minerals like vitamin E, B, and K, as well as folic acid, consuming this soup before a meal can promote faster digestion. This works by the bacteria of the miso coating the gut with additives that will fight unwanted bacteria from attaching. Drinking a bit of the soup before every big meal can also prevent stomach ache and fatigue.


One of the purest and healthiest forms of fats that can be found, avocado is an essential food group that your body will thank you for. Avocados also contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals along with phytonutrients that help clean up your gut lining efficiently. The insoluble fiber content also promotes regular bowel activity.

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Along with being very heart healthy, oatmeal also has various positive properties for promoting good gut health. Being another natural source of prebiotic fiber, when paired with a decent amount of probiotics, the body will naturally be able to break down foods with ease. A couple other great natural prebiotic fiber rich foods include bananas, asparagus, and artichoke. The good bacteria of these foods are also the only bacteria the gut needs to stay healthy.


Rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, chickpeas should definitely be on the top of everyone’s grocery list. Along with improving your overall digestion, eating chickpeas can also help to curb any cravings, level hormone levels, and decrease the risk of serious diseases. The high protein content of chickpeas also makes it an excellent vegetarian and vegan option to receive this vital macronutrient.


Broccoli offering various health benefits are among one of the most beneficial leafy greens you can eat. Veggies, in general, are a fantastic way to get quality fiber in your system along with vitamins and minerals, however broccoli simply contains such a pure amount of all those things. Broccoli helps to protect the gut with a research discovery of a molecular mechanism found in the vegetable. Incorporating a decent amount of broccoli to your diet can not only promote adequate bowel movements but will also help to speed up your metabolism as well. You will also find that your appetite will not be as hefty as normal.

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Chia Seeds

Chia seeds will probably have to be one of the best seeds to add to any diet. This seed delivers a great amount of nutrients for very low calorie content. The antioxidants in chia seeds can also help fight bad toxins from developing. This seed is mostly pure fiber making it a carb that your body actually needs and craves to sustain itself. The protein content and omega-3 fatty acids of chia seeds can also help to suppress the appetite as well. The quality of nutrients in these seeds is best to consume fresh or through overnight oats. Definitely a must-have item for all you health enthusiasts.

Being health conscious for the benefit of your gut should never be something you are ashamed of. Awareness is power, especially when it comes to improving your overall body’s function capabilities. The more your research on how to take care of your gut and health, the better actions you can take to reach your goals. By adding these food items to your life, not only will you notice a positive physical change, but you will also feel tremendously better as well.

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Areas of your business you should consider outsourcing

Not only does this take time to go through the hiring process, but also takes time to research what these things are before you even start hiring people, so in this post we’re going to share with you some of the areas of your business that you should consider outsourcing first and foremost – especially if these are not within your zone of genius.



When it comes to outsourcing, many people struggle to know where to start in their business with outsourcing because it can be extremely overwhelming when you have many areas of your business that require daily tasks to be done and you don’t know who you should be hiring for this, how often you should be hiring for, and what the going rate is. Not only does this take time to go through the hiring process, but also takes time to research what these things are before you even start hiring people, so in this post we’re going to share with you some of the areas of your business that you should consider outsourcing first and foremost – especially if these are not within your zone of genius.

Of course not all of these areas will apply to you – some of these you will be perfectly capable of doing on your own, and it always depends on what your business is, what your role is and as well as if it makes sense to be hiring people in your business at this stage.

Photo by from


When it comes to business, the most important aspects are typically that you’re able to market and sell your product and then also be able to deliver those products to the people who bought them.

Admin, of course is an important area of your business, but it’s not exactly the most fun area, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have to be done – it’s just that you don’t have to always be doing it unless it’s something that you feel is a good use of your time and it’s something you also really enjoy – in most cases, however, this is not going to be the case and you can actually save yourself a lot of time and money by hiring a virtual assistant to help you out with some basic admin tasks a few hours per week, such as organising your files, answering emails, keeping your calendar tidy, and anything else that you feel is quite overwhelming, and takes a lot of time and your business away from the things that you should be focusing on regarding working with your clients and delivering products and services that they have purchased from you, or indeed marketing products and services to future and potential clients that will keep your business afloat.

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Unless you’re a tech whizz, then the technical side of your business depending on what your business actually is, it’s perhaps going to be an area that you don’t find to be most enjoyable and this is perfectly fine – it doesn’t have to be the thing that you’re great at and it also doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to outsource either – you can find lots of people online who will help you with basic things – whether it’s keeping your website updated, designing a whole new website, or even hiring an enterprise development company or software developers there are plenty of people who are just starting out or who run fulfill agencies who can really tailor their offers to your needs and create ongoing packages or one-off services for you if that’s what you need in your business.


In order for a business to survive it needs to be making money and this means that you’re going to have to be able to manage the financial side of your business. However this doesn’t mean that you need to be the one who manages this.

Of course it’s always good to be able to know where your business is at roughly financially and to be able to manage the cash flow and revenue into your business as well as the things that you’re spending money on within the business. However you should be able to hire someone who can manage this for you on your behalf, such as a tax consultant who or even a bookkeeper who can take care of the more important side of the financial aspect of the business for you. Again you can find very affordable packages and services by accountants and bookkeepers who will be happy to help you in this area.

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Even if you’re great at what you do and in your business, you may not be the best at marketing and this is quite common. Most business owners themselves are not the best people to actually market their own business – even when they know their product inside out and are completely passionate about it and really love and understand everything about what they do. However, hiring someone to do your marketing or at least to help you with your marketing can be a great investment and really help you reach new and potential customers who you may not otherwise have thought of before.

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Health & Wellness

How easy is it to get on the Keto Diet train?

Our bodies know what’s going on when we are eating too much and thus, the digestive system begins to try and first hasten and then stabilize our metabolism. Eventually however, age will mean our bodies slow down whether we like it or not. You will put on more weight and easier, than when you were in your teenager years when you’re over 30.



Photo by Jamie Matociños from

The majority of people don’t gain weight suddenly. It happens over a long extended period of time. Our bodies know what’s going on when we are eating too much and thus, the digestive system begins to try and first hasten and then stabilize our metabolism. Eventually however, age will mean our bodies slow down whether we like it or not. You will put on more weight and easier, than when you were in your teenager years when you’re over 30.

So how does this even happen? It’s the little things that eat away at your weight goals. The snacking between meals is definitely going to have an accumulative effect on our health. The bag of chips here and there will eventually pile up. Carbs are the thing you need to avoid or at least decrease in your overall diet. It’s not the butter on your toast that’s making you fat, it’s that plate of pasta or noodles that is doing the damage. The only modern solution when it comes to diets then is, the keto diet.

Do you want to know how you can jump aboard this train?

A leaner breakfast

For the most part the modern day breakfast is full of carbs. Take a look at your cereal box and for every 100 grams, check out the carbohydrates grams. It’s common for 100 grams of cereal to be made up of 40-50 grams of just carbs. That is a lot for just 100 grams and that should tell you what you’re up against. This normality of consuming so many carbs is astonishing in our culture. It should be the opposite whereby we focus on getting a leaner breakfast. If you’re unsure or are leaning towards not changing your breakfast habits, you’ll love this.

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Instead of a bowl of cheerios or granola, cook up 3 to 4 slices of bacon. Instead of a toast, cook yourself a French crepes omelette with chives, butter, tomatoes and some roast chicken. Rather than making yourself a bowl of oatmeal, make yourself a plate of smoked salmon and avocado. What’s not to like? What are you really missing out on if you didn’t have a big bowl of kellogs or weetabix this morning?

Not every meal is a hassle

Meals with carbs as the main part, are not as quick and easy to make as you might think. Pasta is by far the most popular dish when it comes to a carb-heavy meal. You might read on the back of a packet of rigatoni that it only takes 5 minutes to cook in boiling water, but how long will it take to bring the water up to a boil? In reality you’re looking at around 15 or 20 minutes to make a pasta dish with all the other ingredients. With a keto diet, you need only to begin cooking lean mean straight in a pan. Actually you don’t have to cook one meal out of your day. You can lower the risk of heart complications with KetoLogic which swaps one meal out for a KetoMeal that comes in the form of a milkshake. You’re not eating a meal that’s heavy in carbs but gives you some natural sugars, fats and proteins in one. This meal can be made in under a minute, so you have more time to get on with things in the day.

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No ditching the deserts

Contrary to almost every other diet out there, the keto diet doesn’t say you need to cut out deserts. In fact a cheesecake is quite within the normal boundaries of this diet. A lemon strawberry cheesecake is more than going to satisfy your cold sweet tooth. You can chop some fresh strawberries on top as well. Some whipped cream is also okay to have with it. Dairy ice cream is also allowed by this diet as really, you’re eating frozen fat and protein anyway. Butter chocolate tiffins are another great choice. The fat from the butter and the sugar from the chocolate is better than a slab of carbs such as a slice of cake. The only thing you need to take care of is though, is your calorie count. Don’t have a desert if it means you’re going to go over your limit.

The keto diet is incredibly inviting. You’re not missing out on anything. You get your fats and proteins from the bacon and eggs in the morning. You can take some salmon and salad with you to work. And still after dinner, enjoy a cheesecake or dairy ice cream. It’s little wonder that more people haven’t adopted this as their go-to diet.

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Traveling with an e-reader or tablet?

Which is better for traveling, a tablet or an e-reader? We go through the pros and cons of each device and which you should consider taking on vacation.



Photo by Brooke Lark from

Should you travel with a tablet or e-reader?

In the days before e-readers, travel reading was limited to whatever book you could carry or whatever you could find at the airport bookstore. Today, you can download dozens of books to your e-reader or tablet and take them with you without sacrificing space or weight. But, if you are planning an extended holiday, or even a camping trip, which option is better?

How Much Reading Are You Going To Do?

The thing with e-readers is that they are designed for reading and not much else. Yes, some of the higher range models offer basic web browsing and audio book functions, but that’s where it stops. If you plan on using your device for more than just reading, tablets are the way to go. However, if you just want something to read on, then e-readers are more practical.


On the whole, e-readers are lighter and smaller than tablets. They are also easier to hold and have a much longer battery life. One charge on an e-book can last you anywhere from two weeks to a month. A tablet will last for two to four days on a charge.

If you just want something to read on, then e-readers are more practical.


Eye comfort is a new buzz phrase that is being thrown around in the mobile tech industry. Researches have realised that the electronic glare of a tablet or smartphone screen can alter your circadian rhythms and make it more difficult for you to fall asleep at night. This is why most monitors and tablets now days come with an eye comfort feature. This is not an issue with e-readers as they use e-ink which and alternate light sources. If you are planning on getting in an hour or two of reading before you sleep, you may want to consider using an e-reader.

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When it comes to functionality, tablets cannot be beaten. You can think of a tablet as an oversized smartphone with the same basic functions. Many of the top brands also feature high-end cameras and external add-on features. A tablet can be used for anything from surfing the Internet, to watching movies, playing the online Blackjack Canada has to offer, listening to music, booking your next hotel or playing games while you are stuck in the airport on a long layover. They can even be used as a GPS, for augmented reality walking tours or as a translator device. The e-reader function on your tablet is just one of the many apps available on your device.


While the technology is certainly improving, most tablets are difficult to use in bright sunlight. Changing the screen mode can help, but you will suffer some eyestrain. This is where e-readers have a huge advantage. They work well in both high and low light conditions and are perfect for the beach as well as the couch.

If you plan on using your device for more than just reading, tablets are the way to go.


If you read a lot and if you plan on reading at the pool, on the plane and in bed before you go to sleep, you should consider traveling with an e-reader. It is lighter, easier and more comfortable to read with and it will last weeks on a single charge.

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If you plan on doing some light reading in the airport or at the hotel, then a tablet will do. They are especially handy if you want a large-screen device to watch movies on, play music or look up information on your destination. The only downside is that you will have charge it every few days. We suggest that if you have the space, take both your e-reader and a tablet.

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