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Great foot care tips for diabetics

Diabetics face a lot of issues with their feet because they are more prone to foot conditions that may be really uncomfortable. Here are some tips worth considering if one is in such a condition.

Diabetics face a lot of issues with their feet. Because of their condition, they are more prone to foot conditions that may be really uncomfortable.

And so below, we share some great tips for diabetics to will help ease possible pain.

Take care of your condition
As a diabetic, you will need to take care of your diabetes to make sure that you work with your healthcare provider so as to keep your blood sugar in a good/healthy range.

Make sure you check your feet every day
It should be a daily routine for you to check your feet for blisters, swelling red spots and cuts. For those hard-to-reach areas, make sure that you use a mirror to check especially the bottom of your feet. If you can’t use a mirror, make sure you ask a family member or friend to check those areas for you.

Always wash your feet
Make sure that you wash your feet everyday with warm water before you even go to casino usa online. And when you’re done drying your feet, and take note of the areas between your toes.

Make sure your skin is smooth and soft
We really suggest that you rub a very thin coat of skin lotion over and under your feet. We also suggest that you do not rub any lotion in between your toes.

Be gentle with corns and calluses
We highly recommended that you use a pumice stone in order to smooth any corns and calluses.

Trim regularly
Your toes need regular trimming just like your hair. For that reason we suggest that you trim your toenails every week or whenever needed. When you trim, make sure you trim straight across and then file the edges soon after with a nail file or in emery board.

Make use of socks and shoes
It should not come as a surprise that wearing shoes and socks should be done regularly by people with diabetes. In fact you should never walk barefoot, even if you play with the best online betting. We suggest that you always wear some really comfortable shoes so that you can protect your feet. Also, before wearing your shoes, make sure that you check the inside to find out if the lining is smooth or if there are any objects inside.

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