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How to find motivation and pursue creativity in challenging times

Some valuable tips and guides available will help you to stay motivated, so here we’ll share those that proved to be the most effective.

Do you have moments when you simply want or need to get things done and move from where you are currently in life to the next stage? Yet, you somehow lack the motivation and confidence that everything will turn out to be just fine.

Of course, things don’t go according to our plans, or maybe you bite more than you could chew at the moment. In the next moment, you feel deeply overwhelmed, and this state might lead to emotional and professional burnout.

Inspiration and drive are what drives progress and growth of all types. One of the best methods to keep yourself on track is to maintain and nurture that flow. Some valuable tips and guides available will help you to stay motivated, so here we’ll share those that proved to be the most effective.

Schedule short, focused periods of work

It’s not hard to stay motivated at the beginning of a project when your idea is fresh and exciting. The reality is that one spark is not enough to keep the fire burning, i.e. to sustain your work from start to finish. A great way to pick yourself up and revive the interest in a project or a task is to recognize and embrace the fact that motivation comes and goes. Decide at the very beginning on the amount of time that you can commit yourself to, and don’t stress about the time. Even if you’re only able to commit to the task 3 hours a week, use the time wisely with the thought that you’ll be able to devote more in the future, or at best, finish before your scheduled period.

You’ll notice that after a while, the motivation will come naturally to you. Moreover, you’ll be able to organize your time in a better way, rather than dwelling about your chaotic routine. The Pomodoro technique is a great one to try and see whether it suits your everyday tasks. The saying to “trust the process” is not a cliché, but rather a valuable piece of advice.

At the end of the day, reflect

Let’s face it, very few of us do this because we’re probably tired by the time we’ve finished with everything planned for the day. The truth is what we do in our free time is an essential part of our future. Plan a time to reflect that will help you to self-evaluate your day and know what works/doesn’t work. This way, you’ll be accountable for your time, which is valuable, and we often take it for granted. If it’s easier for you, write down things that you consider that were great, and those that need to be improved. The final result will make you happier and motivated to go on, no matter the content in the list.

Keep learning but don’t forget to have fun

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This is a crucial factor on the road of personal development and growth. This can be quickly done through research, following the news outlets you’re interested in, watching tutorials about different subjects or listening podcasts on the go. Try to develop a healthy lifestyle such as having regular, healthy meals and getting enough of sleep. If you don’t rest and take care of your wellbeing, you won’t be able to do anything we’ve mentioned previously. Let yourself wander, both mind and body. For example, a short walk to the park provides the physical exercise you need and allows your mind to relax and destress.

Finally, don’t fall in the loop of “all work and no play” time. Focused and motivated people realize that as important the hard work is, you also need a fun time. Engage in some activity that you enjoy, whether that is painting, crafts, or even playing online games. This will give you a stressed-out mind and a chance to relax. When it comes to online games, online casino gaming has been immensely popular due to the easy to access platforms and various choices of themed games. Read the latest slot reviews at SlotsWise to find out more about the top-rated game providers.

In the end, give and teach others what you know so you can see the fruits of your labour. Being aware of your impact on the world is moving and will inspire many others to work more, educate, nurture creative moments and pursuit happiness. Giving is the greatest gift and seeing your contribution to the community will make a huge difference. This is, by far, the most authentic definition of inspiration and motivation.


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