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Living with the pandemic: How the world is ready for the next wave

Thankfully, the world is now better prepared with more knowledge and information. Let us explain how it is ready for the next wave.

The world has come a long way since the pandemic first hit in 2020. The initial waves were disastrous as they created immense chaos for businesses and people. Organizations had to close physically and move to remote operations. Countless workers sustained massive pay cuts, and many lost their jobs. Not to mention, many succumbed to the virus in the first wave and subsequent ones. However, resilience prevailed, and vaccines emerged as lifesavers.

But the pandemic is far from over yet, and more waves may be around the corner. Thankfully, the world is better prepared with more knowledge and information. Let us explain how it is ready for the next wave.

WFH is a norm

Remote models kept business running when the virus surfaced a couple of years ago. Although the transition to WFH was initially challenging, it is a norm now. If stay-at-home orders should come during the next wave, companies and employees are ready to embrace the model again. People have the right infrastructure and dedicated home offices, so distractions are not a concern. Moreover, they are comfortable with apps and tools for remote collaboration and productivity.

Kids can study at home

Like WFH, studying from home is no longer an anomaly. Future school closures are not a concern for students and parents anymore. The best part is that parents can actually support their kids with academics as they work flexible hours from home. Just being around is enough to encourage children and keep their schedules on track. Moreover, schools and children are comfortable with remote learning systems.

Tests are easily available

Testing is the best defense against the virus because the infected people need to isolate themselves. But it was quite challenging to get tested during the initial phase of the pandemic due to limited capacity. Thankfully, the COVID-19 PCR Test is easily available. People can book online and schedule it at the slightest signs of infection. Rapid testing can limit outbreaks and flatten the curves as soon as possible during the upcoming waves.

Finances are stable

The first wave came as a shock for most people, and finances were as badly hit as the healthcare systems. But everyone learned some lessons about financial planning and emergency savings for stability and comfort. People are far better prepared financially for another wave. Families are smarter with budgeting, so they have enough savings to last for the rainy day.

Fitness and immunity are on track

Fitness and immunity offer defense against the coronavirus, and people are ready with both. The awareness regarding immune defense is growing, so they are well-prepared to be safe from the virus. Even if the virus infects a person, there are good chances of evading the severe effects of the disease. Further, people are also on top of mental well-being, making it easy to counter the effects of pandemic-induced anxiety.

New strains and repeat waves of the virus are rampant in the new normal. But people are in a better place to deal with them successfully. The picture looks bright ahead despite the risk of impending waves.

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