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Benefits of moving to and living in Delray Beach, Florida

Delray Beach can be a fantastic spot to move to, and this article will show you several key benefits of moving there. From its affordable costs to its many things to do, we’re covering all of it in this post.

Delray Beach can be a fantastic spot to move to, and this article will show you several key benefits of moving there. From its affordable costs to its many things to do, we’re covering all of it in this post.

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Delray Beach Has a Slightly Below Average Cost of Living

Florida is a great state to move to, as you get plenty of luxuries, but the cost of living is not too much higher when compared to the rest of the US. For reference, the cost of living in Florida is 102.8 compared to the US average of 100.

Meanwhile, the cost of living in Delray Beach is 102.6. Its most significant difference is in its housing cost, which is 87.7 compared to Florida’s 102.6 average. Meanwhile, the median home cost is $274,000 compared to Florida’s average of $294,000. So if you’re looking for a home, Delray Beach combines home affordability with the luxury of living in Florida.

Its Livability is High

Most people who live at Delray Beach rate it an A, with people praising the many amenities it has to offer. A quick look at the available homes for sale in Delray Beach will show a plethora of options from very basic to ultra luxury. While some factors, such as the cost of living, can differ depending on your area, most people agree that Delray Beach is an excellent place to live.

It’s Known for its High Education

The education in Delray Beach ranks significantly compared to other cities in Florida. While no education system is perfect, Delray Beach has an 86% high school graduation rate. In addition, the rankings for enrollment and teacher to students are also strong. With any place, the education quality you or your children receive can depend on which school you choose, so keep that in mind. Some areas in Delray Beach may have fewer quality schools, so it’s vital that you do your research before going to a school or sending your child to a school.

The Food Scene is Amazing

Another benefit of moving to Delray Beach is that you’ll never run out of delicious restaurants to enjoy. Everywhere you turn, food trucks have unique bites to eat, each boasting cuisine made straight from Delray Beach’s diverse population.

Not only that but there are many traditional restaurants you can try. The seafood is delicious in any Florida city, with J&J’s Seafood Bar and Grill being our favorite. There are also other diverse options, including vegan. Best of all, many of these restaurants aren’t too far away from each other.

Another honorable mention is Atlantic Avenue. This area is not only packed with outstanding restaurants, but it has shopping and cultural events as well. It’s one of those local places where you’re not going to find something unique.

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Old School Square is an Incredible Cultural Powerhouse

Another benefit of living in Delray Beach is that you’re close to Old School Square. This building is a historic campus restored as a cultural hub for those who don’t know. You can find everything here, from town hall meetings to concerts. It earns its place being a schoolhouse, as it can educate you on the many cultures of Delray Beach while having fun in the process. For more information, visit, where you can discover additional resources and insights about the cultural offerings of Delray Beach.

You’re Always Close to Any Beach and Nature Area

Delray Beach earns its name with many fun beaches to explore. There are three main beaches: Atlantic Dunes Park, Municipal Beach, and Anchor Park. In addition, each beach offers beautiful waters, clean sands, and much to explore. So whether you want to relax or have a good party, these beaches deliver.

Besides the beaches, Delray Beach also has the Wakodahatchee Wetlands. The Wetlands are teeming with wildlife, with scenic bridges to let you safely look at Delray Beach’s flora and fauna. Every time you visit, you’ll find something new, be it a new bird species or something lurking in the swamp.


Delray Beach is an exciting city that you’re going to love, and for many reasons. It’s packed with culture, restaurants, and many other unique sights to see. If you’re interested in moving to Delray Beach, we can help. We can connect you with the best real estate in Delray Beach, combining a good deal with a quality home to live in.

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