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How to create a balance between student life and love life

Here are a few ways to create the perfect balance between your student life and love life. 

If you are a student, who is in a relationship, maintaining the perfect balance between your student life and love life might look different without impacting the other in a negative way. However, creating a balance between academic life and love life is important, because both of them shape your life, even if they belong to different areas of your life. However, for holistic growth, both are important.

Here are a few ways to create the perfect balance between your student life and love life. 

1. Make a schedule 

The first thing that you need to do for creating the perfect balance is to make a schedule to ensure that your studies are not affected. Getting bad grades because you have devoted all your time to maintaining a relationship, will make the relationship bitter in the long run. Whether you are studying to get good grades or making your way up to Government Jobs, having a schedule is important. Do not keep your schedule extremely packed, keep time in your schedule that is especially dedicated for your love life and recreational activity. 

2. Study together 

If both of you are students, you can try creating a schedule where both of you get to study together and consequently, celebrate good Sarkari Result together too. Also, studying together will help you to push each other to perform academically well and it will give you something to be grateful about too. 

3. Spend your weekends with your partner 

You can keep the weak time for small talk with your partner and focus majorly in your studies. You can take a break during the weekend from your studies and have a good time with your partner during weekends. In short, reserve the weekdays mostly for study-related tasks and your weekends for activities that allow you to spend more time with your partner. 

4. Prioritize your studies during the exam period

All the lovey-dovey talk can take a break during the exam period, where you solely need to focus on your studies. It is a good idea to plan during the exam time in such a manner that communication with your partner is possible but at the same time, you do not end up spending a huge chunk of your time with your partner. It is because, no matter what people say, having good grades is helpful in life and you will never regret studying to get a good grade. 

5. Give each other space 

If you do not give enough space to your partner, the relationship will soon turn suffocating. Know when you need to give space to your partner and give it to them. If you need space, have open communication about it too. Love life is a part of life and it is not the entire life, it is important to have space in a relationship to maintain individuality. 

6. Set some ground rules 

Setting some ground rules can be very handy if you are a student who is in a relationship. A ground rule for a student can look like no calls and chats during study hours until and unless it is extremely important. Also, other ground rules that one can establish might look like communication with the partner is only possible after the lesson of the day is covered. 

7. Find a common hobby 

Finding a common hobby will provide you with a way to engage in a recreational activity, take a break from studies and further, spend some time with your partner. You can discuss your hobbies and try to figure out a common hobby that both of you can enjoy together. However, if you do not share any common hobbies, you can consider spending time engaging in separate hobbies together. For instance, one can paint while the other partner can read while being in the same room. 

Mostly, student life is the phase of life, when a person gets to figure out how to balance their study, friends, family and relationship. It prepares one for adulthood and is a part of growing up. Use this time of your life to create both a successful career and a healthy relationship while keeping in mind that sometimes, things do not work according to the plan and one might face issues because of the same.

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