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6 Health mistakes millennials tend to make

Here are six harmful health mistakes that millennials tend to make.

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Millennials don’t get nearly as much credit as we deserve. While we may spend way too much time on our phones and social media, we also prioritize equality, voting, volunteering, and entrepreneurship. We aren’t nearly as lazy as other generations make us out to be, but that doesn’t mean that we’re perfect. With so much else to do each day, we don’t always find the time to focus on our health.

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Here are six harmful health mistakes that millennials tend to make. 

Staying Awake All Hours

Far too many millennials rely on coffee and other caffeinated drinks to get them through the day. With work, school, and other commitments to juggle staying up later than you should becomes very easy. The trouble is, this lack of sleep can cause a lot of harm, often resulting in serious health issues. You have to develop healthy sleep habits, such as sticking to a bedtime routine. 

Drinking Alcohol In Excess

We all like a drink now and then, especially when out with our friends. However, you must make sure that the one or two drinks you intended to have don’t turn into several. When this happens regularly, it can lead to dependence, among many other risks. It’s crucial that you keep an eye on how many drinks you have each night and don’t allow yourself to drink too much. 

Putting Off Doctor Appointments

It doesn’t matter whether you know that you’re sick or not; Regular checkups with your doctor are important. This allows them the opportunity to diagnose potential problems or help you manage known ones. They might be able to offer medication, for example, or a medical marijuana card. Doctors are also the best people to give advice on improving general health. 

Getting Too Much Sun

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting a good tan, especially throughout the summer months. However, you should never put your health at risk to achieve one. Whenever you leave the house, no matter the time of year, you should apply sunscreen. This prevents burning but also limits your risk of developing skin cancer. You can always use a fake tan instead. 

Trying The Fad Diets

Even when celebrities and strangers on the internet vouch for them, you should be very wary of fad diets. More often than not, they don’t work, and instead, put your health at risk. If you want to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle, then you have to put the work in by exercising daily and eating a balanced diet. Drinking carrot smoothies for five days straight isn’t going to help you. 

Skipping Those Daily Workouts

Although your schedule may be full, you should make room exercise every day. Not doing so could put your fitness and overall health at risk. Instead of investing in a pricey gym pass, you should purchase some basic exercise equipment and a few workout DVDs. This allows you to exercise in the comfort of your own home, making it more likely that you’ll do it each day. 

Your health should always be a priority, so take care of it by following the tips above. 


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